Introducing The
Hit Zone Air Powered
Softball Batting Tee!

The new patented Hit Zone Softball air powered
batting tee was co-developed by a former
Minnesota Twins slugger and a Minnesota
inventor to make softball batting tee practice more
fun and a lot more effective. The Hit Zone softball
batting tee is a great way to improve any player's swing -
from 3 year olds just starting to seasoned veterans.

The Hit Zone softball batting tee eliminates tee
shyness which causes players to swing high to avoid accidentally hitting or knocking over the batting Tee.
With the Hit Zone softball air tee, if a player hits the
fabric sleeve, the bat passes right through with no
damage. The reinforced fabric sleeve pops back up

It's easy to get a variety of "different
Use a variety of different light weight
training balls on the Hit Zone softball batting air tee
as they react a little different based on their style
and weight. You can also place the ball on to the
Hit Zone air powered hitting tee with a little spin,
no spin, or even drop it from a foot up - all of which
will change up the action of the ball.

The Hit Zone softball batting tee makes it easy
and fun to do batting drills! You can set up your Hit
Zone in your yard or at the fields and hit into a
practice net. You can even get a jump on spring
training and set up the Hit Zone batting tee in
your basement this winter for hours of practice!

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Softball Players Love The Hit Zone!
See What Happens When The Bat Hits The "Tee"
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Softball Players Love The
Hit Zone Softball Air Tee!

Hit Zone air powered batting tee - hz-1b

My daughter plays 14U Fastpitch. The
girls love their turn at the Hit Zone air
tee station! I use a bucket that contains
a variety of different training balls. I bet
them I can strike them out! Depending
on the type of ball or how you put it on
the "Tee", the ball will react a little
differently. There is no problem
with the players staying focused. They
have to really concentrate as the ball
moves around a little bit.

Whether you are a parent or the coach,
the Hit Zone air powered batting tee will make
a great addition to your softball training aids!

hit zone hz-1b - softbal batting tee
Set Up The Hit Zone Air Tee
& Net In The Backyard And
Practice Practice Practice!

Plus It's Fun!
Photo of creators of the Hit Zone air powered batting tee!
We Invented The Hit Zone air tee!
If You Have A Question -
We'll Know The Answer
If We Don't - We'll Figure It Out

hit zone practice tee hz-1b
The Hit Zone Practice Tee
Is A Great Training Tool If
You Have A Baseball
Player In Your Home !

See What Our Customers Have To Say About The Hit Zone!

"The Hit Zone baseball batting tee is the best
training device I have purchased in over 25 years
of coaching softball. With a regular baseball
batting tee, the ball is always in the exact
same spot. With the air tee the ball is always
moving a little bit just like a real pitch. Players
learn to watch the ball all the way to the bat.

The Hit Zone is also great for teaching right
handed batters to hit the inside pitch to the left
field and the outside pitch to right field and vice
versa for the lefties. The number one reason I
love the Hit Zone air tee for softball is that the
players think it is FUN! As a coach I know I will
always get more out of my players when they
are enjoying themselves."

Sean Hall
Director of Minnesota Sting Fastpitch Club
Head Coach at Lakeville North High School

"The Hit Zone air tee sure puts the fun back in
batting practice for the girls. I've been coaching
younger age traveling fastpitch teams the past few
years and this is the one tool the girls love to use.
When we set up hitting stations, this one always
seems to be the most popular!

The girls really love the challenge when we use 2
different colore
d balls at the same time and tell
them to hit a certain color first, then finish strong
hitting the 2nd ball. This technique really reinforces
the concepts of "focus" and hand-eye coordination.
The variable speed Hit Zone model really supports a wide
range of balls you can use with this innovative product."

Coach John
Moundsview Girls Fastpitch

A standard softball will not work well on the Hit Zone.
However, a wide variety of light weight training ball

The Hit Zone air tee is a revolutionary invention
that will help hitters of all ages create and
maintain good swing habits. I highly recommend it!

Raul Ibanez
Pro Baseball Slugger

"I am the P.E. teacher for my school. The
kids love the Hit Zone air tees. I set them up
and used them for striking with bats already
(kids had a blast). Next I will be setting them
up to use for my tennis unit."

Jon J.

"The Hit Zone batting tee has put the fun in fundamentals. My son was already tired of
hitting off an old fashion tee, now it's an
exciting part of our daily routine. Not only is
it a serious baseball training tool but it's also
a fun family activity for us. We have had so
much fun with it, we have family members
calling us up to visit, saying "don't forget
the Hit Zone". It has been the best investment
we have made in our son's baseball future.
Money well spent!"

Kevin H.
McAlester, OK

"When it comes to training elite level athletes,
the Hit Zone batting tee is the most sport
specific piece of equipment in its class and
the only one I recommend to my athletes!"

Dr. David R. Holmes

What Type of ball works
best with the Hit Zone air tee?

A number of light training balls work
great on the Hit Zone softball air tee!
It's fun having a mixture of balls in
the bucket! They often react a little
different, giving you a different
looking pitch.

A sampling includes:
s Franklin dimpled pitching machine balls
s Don Mattingly pitching machine balls
s Sandlot dimpled training balls
s SKLZ Derrick Jeter 5-Tool Foam balls
s JUGS Lite-Flite Baseball & Softball
s Atec, Trend Sports, & SKLZ foam balls
These are just some of the balls that
work great on the Hit Zone HZ-1B air tee!

A standard weight baseball & softball
will not work well with the Hit Zone practice tee.

Order Your
Hit Zone Today!

Only $179.95!
Add a dozen more balls for $25!

Free Shipping!
(To U.S. Locations)
Hit Zone HZ-1B
The HZ-1B practice tee also works great for baseball players!

We also offer the Hit Zone Deluxe 4HP Variable Speed Unit which allows
the use of heavier training balls. You can also adjust the height of the balls.
Please visit our website at for more info.

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